Investors Hospitality Management (IHM) understands the power of the internet and the ability to drive sales to your hotel or casino. Our company offers reservation booking solutions to bring more customers to your business, and connect you with ease to deliver more revenue to your hotels. User friendly technology makes ongoing management of your rates, inventory and ongoing customer contact an integral part of the revenue stream for your hotel or casino.

We have developed dynamic reservation booking platforms to target guests and flow revenues through your most valuable and cost effective channel – your web site. We put the control of your rate and inventory in a user friendly web based platform, with functional design, customizable layouts and intuitive administration panels in our online portal to reduce costs of training and save time with electronically connected reservation flow to your PMS, ideal for independent and branded hotels, resorts, and casinos.

We partner with major brands and many property management systems, making implementation easy and offer ongoing training support so your staff can spend more time serving the guests you have targeted.

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Create new revenue channels through our platform that connects you to consumers via:

  • Branded Web Booking Engine
  • Easy to Navigate Mobile Booking Engine
  • Social Media Channel Booking Connection
  • OTA Channels
  • Thousands of Travel Agents and the GDS
  • Specially Developed Casino Systems
  • Custom Ongoing e-Marketing Opportunities
Welcome to IHM, your partner for online revenue and increased guest opportunities.

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IHM is an award winning incentive based full service hotel management and marketing company delivering maximum exposure combined with one on one service to the hospitality and gaming industry.